How to choose your cufflinks

To wear a pair of cufflinks and enhance your own outfit in the best way possible, you can follow a few small rules:

- First of all, you need to choose the pair that’s most suitable for you. Depending on the occasion, you can choose formal, elegant cufflinks in precious materials. For more casual or everyday occasions, on the other hand, you can go for simpler and more colourful styles, maybe even humorous.

- Secondly, you need to choose the kind of cuff on your shirt. There are French-style shirts which feature a long cuff which is folded on itself with a double buttonhole for the cufflinks. Also, for a more practical style, there are shirts featuring a simple kind of cuff with buttonholes that come together with the cufflink. The first type is definitely the best choice for more important looks, paired with an elegant jacket or a tuxedo. The second type is more practical, worn in informal situations, maybe for a work meeting or dinner with friends.

Remember to pay special attention to the length of the cuff on your shirt. It must always show by a centimetre under the sleeve of your jacket and the cufflinks must always be visible.

- Finally, always remember to be confident. Wearing your outfit confidently, with the help of your own personal style details, will make you look impeccable. So dare, have fun and always stand out with a touch of originality.

Cufflinks will allow you to play with color. You can choose a pair matching the color of your shirt (for instance, black on black) or one in contrast with it.

Gold cufflinks work well with brown or red shirts, while silver cufflinks can be worn with shirts in lighter shades (light blue, for instance). It is a little more challenging to work with unusual colours (like purple) but tone on tone or silver always work.

It’s also a good idea to match the color of your cufflinks with your tie, your bracelets or the watch you’re wearing. Very precise men will also pair their cufflinks with the buckle of their belt and, for a glamorous touch, also to the pocket square of their suit.

Having a good cufflink collection, in different materials and colours, will allow you to play with your look, making it some times lighter and some others more formal depending on the occasion.

Adding a touch of bright red on a soft shirt, maybe even paired with a casual blazer, or a pair of cufflinks featuring an eccentric pattern on a more classic suit will make the outfit more original and never boring.

Lastly, you can even use one single cufflink on the buttonhole of your lapel, as if it were a pin. This privileged position will showcase the cufflink in all its elegance and charm so it is advised to choose a simpler and classic style.

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